Local Programs

Out of the Cold Program

Out Of the Cold Program: Monday Meals

SI Hamilton-Burlington members participate in serving hot dinners  to the guests on a weekly basis from November to March. Financial assistance is provided as required. We also organize a Winter “Sock and mitten drive”.


Out Of the Cold Program: YWCA Carole Anne’s Place

SI Hamilton-Burlington provides financial support  to the Carol Anne’s Place  program.

“YWCA Carole Anne’s Place is a low-barrier overnight drop-in centre that offers women a safe, warm place to rest when shelters are full, during Hamilton’s coldest winter months. Services like Carole Anne’s Place are critical as emergency shelters and transitional housing programs for women in Hamilton are consistently full and even operating at overcapacity. In addition to providing a safe place to sleep, Carole Anne’s Place also provides access to withdrawal management services, meals, shelter placement assistance, and winter clothing to women who would otherwise be at risk of freezing to death outside on the coldest nights of the year”.


Hamilton Public Library

Summer Reading Program, Hamilton Public Library

Financial support of Children’s Summer Reading Programs.


2020 “An e-World of Fun For Everyone

“That little ‘e’ means Summer Reading Club is all online this year but don’t underestimate that little ‘e’. It starts words such as explore, experiment, entertain and enjoy. HPL has this and more in store for you. Read and learn a new pastime in your downtime. Watch how-to demonstrations, track your reading, play games, watch performers and more on hpl.ca.”


The McMaster Midwifery Program

The McMaster Midwifery Program

It is a five year commitment (2015-2020), whereby SI Hamilton-Burlington makes a financial contribution towards the educational expenses of a midwifery student who faces challenges.

During their third and fourth year, Midwifery students have added expenses such as transportation, equipment, and often placement accommodation. They have study sessions through the Summer, making it impossible to access a Summer job.


Testimony from a recipient of the award (Excerpt)
Being a mature student with a large family (7 children!) living month to month, I have had to fund my university education through OSAP. Having this bursary meant that I am able to lessen the amount of student debt that i am required to carry. I recall receiving the bursary at a time when I had all my university fees paid so the bursary was sent to me. Receiving that cheque in the mail at that moment was providence as I had several kids who needed things purchased (such mundane things as shoes and coats) .. There is no one single way in which being a recipient of this bursary has helped, but in a thousand little ways. I am doing this, going back to school as an adult and mother to 7 children, so that I may provide a better life for them, financially and otherwise. But being in school and having to live off of student loans brings with it another set of challenges in that I’m not always able to say yes to my children for things such as sports, or extra curricular, or sometimes even for necessities like new shoes.. Some of my children have part time jobs but some struggle enough with trying to maintain good grades in school and so don’t work part time jobs. lt is nice to be able to say yes sometimes… Thank you to the powers that be, for granting me this bursary. ..I hope to be able to contribute back to something like this in the future when I’m in a better place, financially. That I can pay it forward to someone else.


City Kidz

City Kidz

SI Hamilton-Burlington provide financial support for young girls to participate in the weekly City Kidz Programs.

City Kidz supports “ children living in low-income communities by providing inspirational experiences and nurturing personal relationships, one child at a time”.


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